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16, Feb 2023

Zambia Tours & Trips Best Luxury Packages w Reviews

Engage in a variety of activities of all types including encountering magnificent wildlife by traditional day and night game drives, walking safaris, and outdoor sleepouts to reconnect with nature. If you prefer to unwind after an active walking safari, relax by the waterside and soak up the untouched wilderness. As a crossroads to several rivers, the Lower Zambezi National Park is a wildlife and birdlife haven for abundant game populations of elephant, lion, leopard, hippo, and hyena. Zambia safaris remains a pristine wilderness, free from mass tourism. South Luangwa National Park is located in the Luangwa River valley; it started as a game reserve in 1938 and later in 1972 was established as a National park. It covers around 9,059 sq km and is home to abundant wildlife making it one of the greatest national parks with a lot of wild life in the world.

After thousands of years of erosion, a rock pool formed right on the very edge of the 100m sheer drop, making Devil’s Pool a popular attraction for the fearless traveler. Zambia has a sub-tropical climate and its weather is defined by a wet and dry season rather than summer and winter. We have intimate knowledge and superb long-term relationships with our partners, guides and exclusive connections across Africa.

Zambia is home to a wealth of incredible wildlife but the jewel in its crown is the scenic wonder of the Victoria Falls.

After eight active days in the African wilderness, you’ll have time to relax on the shores Lake Malawi before heading home. This undiscovered slice of paradise offers all the best qualities of a seaside holiday as well as great game-viewing opportunities. You’ll get the best of both worlds, a classic safari experience and beach getaway without the crowds. Lower Zambezi provides access to a diversity of waterborne activities including river safaris, boat cruises, canoeing, and sport fishing with excellent guides.

The Serengeti’s wildebeest migration is a necessary introduction for first time visitors. Zambia-based MTT is an independent operator working freely with trusted African companies, accommodations, and guides. We have three safari tents and an en-suite chalet overlooking a beautiful lagoon frequented by lots of birds, hippos, elephants, giraffes and antelopes. Visitors to Zambia will get to see crocodiles, hippos, baboons, monkeys, buffalo, lions, elephants, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs and cheetahs as well as many antelope and a variety of birds. Thornicroft’s Giraffe and Crawshay’s Zebra are endemic to the area and you may also get to see badgers, civets, porcupines, and genets, plus countless other animal species on a safari in Zambia. The best whitewater rafting times are straight after the rainy season (March-May) and guests are assured of a longer river run and high water.

Signature Victoria Falls & Livingstone

The country has 20 national parks and 34 game management areas; it is peaceful, stable and incredibly welcoming to visitors. In short, Zambia deserves a place at the top table of African safari. Zambia also boasts one of the best places in Africa to experience a canoe safari on the Zambezi River within the Lower Zambezi National Park. We offer a number of lodges and camps that specialise in canoeing, boating and fishing activities. We provide tours and travels services, along with the best safari tours to all the top destinations in Africa for our esteemed guests to allow them to enjoy the amazing natural beauty of the African continent. The Zimbabwean side offers the best views of the falls, particularly during the dry season.

This search is inclusive – we will only show tours that visit all the destinations you select. It is easy to see why Zambia boasts one of the largest areas of land under protection as a national park in Africa. The thundering splendour of the Victoria Falls draws most visitors to this gentle and peaceful country. This safari takes you to South Luangwa, one of Zambia’s most famous parks. The Luangwa Valley, at the end of the Great Rift Valley, is one of Africa’s few pristine wilderness areas and perhaps the most stunning wildlife sanctuary. Experience a week of complete relaxation in true remote settings.

Victoria Falls & Namibia Budget Lodge Safari

From May October the country is experiencing the dry season which is also considered the best time to visit the country as game viewing is at its best. The day temperatures are pleasant and mild however September and October experience very hot temperatures. The green / wet season on the other hand begins in December to April and throughout that time the vegetation is verdant and thick making it quite challenging to spot wildlife. In addition, many of the safari lodges shut down as a result of flooding cause by the heavy rains which make some remote parts of the country inaccessible. Explore Zambia’s premier safari destinations through game drives, walking safaris and river activities.

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